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Here are a list of interesting / relevant courses I have taken at UIUC.

Fall 2022

CS 225
Data Structures

CS 450
Numerical Analysis

CS 491
Adv Competitive Algorithm Prog

CS 233
Computer Architecture

Spring 2022

CS 128
Intro to Computer Science II

CS 173
Discrete Structures- Honors

ENG 177
GFX Research Scholars (II)

Fall 2021

MATH 257
Linear Algebra with Computational Appl

CS 124
Intro to Computer Science I

CS 196
CS Freshman Honors

ECON 102
Microeconomic Principles

PS 231
Strategic Models

Prior Credit

RHET 105
Writing and Research

PHYS 211
University Physics: Mechanics

PHYS 212
University Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

CHEM 102
General Chemistry I

MATH 221
Calculus 1

MATH 231
Calculus 2

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